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Nuclear Calendar

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Nov. 28 Noon-1:30 p.m., Edward Ifft, Hoover Institution, "The Ban Treaty and the Future of Nuclear Weapons," George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs, Institute for International Science and Technology Policy, Lindner Commons, 6th Floor Elliott School, 1957 E St. NW, Washington, DC, RSVP online.
Nov. 29 10:00-11:30 a.m., Mariana Budjeryn, Harvard Kennedy School, "Interpreting the Bomb: Ownership and Deterrence in Ukraine's Nuclear Discourse," Belfer Center, Room 324, Littauer Building, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA.
Nov. 29 3:30-5:00 p.m., Blaine Harden, Washington Post, Patrick McEachern, Wilson Center, King of Spies: The Dark Reign of America's Spymaster in Korea," Wilson Center, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC. RSVP online.
Nov. 29 1:00-2:30 p.m., Alexey Arbatov, Primakov National Research Institute, "Non-nuclear Weapons and the Risk of Nuclear War: A Russian Perspective," Carnegie Endowment, 1779 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC. RSVP online.
Nov. 30 6:00-8:30 p.m., "Screening: The Nuns, The Priests, and The Bombs," Carnegie Institute of Washington, 1530 P St. NW, Washington, DC. RSVP online.
Nov. 30 9:00 a.m.-noon, A Joint Conference on Russia and North Korean Nuclear Weapons," Wilson Center, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC. RSVP online.
Dec. 1 1:30-3:30 p.m., "Crises and the Usability of Nuclear Weapons," panel with five speakers, UN Institute for Disarmament Research, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland. RSVP by email.
Dec. 1 10:30 a.m., William Lanouette, author, "Leo Szilard: Visionary in Science and Society," University of Chicago Enrico Fermi Institute, 933 E 56th St. Room 201, Chicago, IL. RSVP online.
Dec. 1-2 1:30 p.m., "Reactions: New Perspectives on Our Nuclear Legacy," University of Chicago, Reynolds Club, 5706 S. University Ave., Chicago, IL. RSVP online.
Dec. 2 75th anniversary of the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. University of Chicago.
Dec. 5 9:00-11:00 a.m., William Perry, former Secretary of Defense; Suzanne DiMaggio, New America; Kelsey Davenport, Arms Control Association; Daryl Kimball, Arms Control Association, "Prospects and Pathways to a Diplomatic Resolution on the North Korean Nuclear Crisis," Arms Control Association, Carnegie Endowment, 1779 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC. RSVP online.
Dec. 5-6 8:30 a.m., Project on Nuclear Issues Winter Conference, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 1600 Rhode Island Ave., Washington, DC. RSVP online.
Dec. 6 12:30-2:00 p.m., Jon Wolfsthal, Carnegie Endowment, "The President and Nuclear Weapons Policy: The Obama Administration’s Experience and Prospects Under Trump," Princeton University, 221 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ.
Dec. 6 10:00-11:30 a.m., Chris Lawrence, Harvard Kennedy School, "Normalization by Other Means: The Failed Techno-diplomacy of Light Water Reactor Export in the North Korean Nuclear Crisis," Harvard Kennedy School, Littauer Building Room 324, Cambridge, MA.
Dec. 8 30th anniversary of the signing the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty by President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. Washington. The treaty eliminated nuclear and conventional ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with intermediate ranges, defined as between 500 and 5,500 miles.
Dec. 9 1:00 p.m., Press Conference for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons," Norwegian Nobel Institute, Henrik Ibsens gate 51, Oslo, Norway.
Dec. 12 Hanukkah begins at sunset. Through Dec. 20
Dec. 13 1:00-2:00 p.m., Rear Admiral Jon A. Hill, U.S. Navy, retired Vice Admiral Peter H. Daly, U.S. Navy, "Ballistic Missile Defense: Evolving Threats and New Priorities," Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 1600 Rhode Island Ave., Washington, DC. RSVP online.
Dec. 25 Christmas (holiday).
TBA President Trump attends a NATO summit. Brussels.
TBA National Nuclear Security Administration issues the draft Site-wide Environmental Impact Statement for the Sandia National Laboratories, NM.
Jan. 7-14 ISODARCO, "The Evolving Nuclear Order: New Technology and Nuclear Risk." International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts.
Feb. 5 New START Treaty due date for U.S. and Russia to reach a limit of 1,550 deployed strategic weapons each.
March 6 U.S. sanctions against Russia expire.
March 11 Russian presidential election.
Jul. 6 Submission deadline for the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies Nonproliferation Review.

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